{homemade halloween decor}

halloween papersWith Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share a few simple ideas for decorating your home for the holiday. The first idea I fell in love with, is this beautiful Halloween Paper Garland found on “This Heart of Mine.”  Such a simple, yet outrageously creative concept and a perfect addition to your Halloween Decor and any new homes utah.

batsIf you’re in need of a creative centerpiece for your holiday festivities, we have the perfect one for you. Check out this fun Bat Centerpiece — simple, but so much fun. Just follow these easy instructions…

Bring bats into the light of day by making construction paper versions that perch atop gnarled branches. Just cut-out bat shapes and add press-on eyes and fangs, then arrange the night creatures into a truly frightening flock!

Florist’s Oasis
Serrated knife
Flowerpot or urn
Large dry branch
Spanish moss
Bat template
Construction paper: brown, black, orange, white
Hole punch
Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
Wooden clothespins

1. Carve Oasis to fit into pot; press into place.
2. Push branch into center of Oasis; cover Oasis with moss.
3. Enlarge bat pattern (see How to Enlarge Patterns).
4. Cut center of body from brown paper and wings from black paper; make as many bats as desired.
5. For each bat, punch 2 holes from orange paper; glue to face for eyes.
6. For each bat, cut 2 small triangles from white paper; glue below eyes for fangs.
7. Glue body to wings.
8. Glue clothespin on back of each bat; clip bats to branch as desired.

And, if you are really in a rush, but still want a FUN idea……simply carve out pumpkins and drill holes for the candlelight to shine through. A fresh, new twist to your pumpkin carving traditions.
jack o lantern
Or….stuff a witch’s hat and decorate with fall pumpkins, leaves and other festive decor for a rustic and brilliant centerpiece or doorstep decoration.
witch hat
Whatever you do, remember that the real focus is on the holiday memories, and not on how much time you spend on DECORATING for the holiday. Take time to enjoy this SPOOKY holiday with the ones you love…..they might even enjoy making these homemade decorations TOGETHER. We hope you enjoy these fun ideas. Some of them are so simple, it’s SCAAARRRRRY!!!!


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